Monthly Archives: July 2013

SuperDick vs. SuperTits

Some might say that size doesn’t matter. But we tend to differ. Let’s see if you agree with us when we bring together the most gigantic cock, mister Nick -The SuperDick- Moreno, with one of the girls with the biggest boobs on the planet, Alexandra -SuperTits- Sivroskya!

SuperDick vs. SuperTits starring Alexandra Sivroskya

Boobover Cumface

It’s difficult to avoid looking at Alexandra Sivroskya‘s huge boobs, but today we have to, cause we’re going to cum on her sweet angel face. Although her firm breasts aren’t the stars of this scene, don’t worry, because it would be absolutely impossible to totally forget about them…

Boobover Cumface starring Alexandra Sivroskya

Learning to Swallow

We all get horny when someone whispers dirty talk in our ears during sex. Well… despite having a Spanish girl who doesn’t speak a word of English, we don’t wanna give up that pleasure. That’s why we’re gonna play private teacher with this busty Latina and teach her some basic dirty talking, that way she can get us even more horny. Some extra vocabulary never hurts, so today she’s gonna learn what the word swallow means. Enjoy!

Learning to Swallow starring Alexandra Sivroskya